Leveraging Analytics to Improve PERFORMANCE 


Service Contracting

Maintenance is critical to keep the building systems operating at peak performance with maximum comfort and operating at the lowest cost.  Typically, a significant portion of a customers OPEX budget is made up of maintenance & repair costs.  Service Data Solutions work with customers to maximize the “value” they receive from their maintenance providers at the lowest cost.     

  • Review Service contracts to understand the value the customer is getting from their service provider
  • Assist the customer with negotiations with current service providers to reduce cost
  • Assist the customer with negotiation of new service contracts
  • Work with customers to find the right service provider
  • Develop scope of work for new service contracts

Operational Support for Service delivery

Whether a customer is a self-maintainer or they are supported by service provider, it is critical that the operations run smoothly, KPI’s are in place and issues are resolved quickly.  Service Data Solutions work customers to evaluate their service delivery operations and make improvement recommendations.  We will also work with customers to implement changes and measure the results. 

  • Work on behalf of the customer to get the most from their service operation
  • Monitor KPI’s to ensure service is being delivered and assist with issue resolution
  • Vendor selection support for new or enhanced CMMS solutions
  • Equipment asset definition to ensure maintenance activities are focused
  • Review the customer work order process and technology to improve response time

Process Improvement

Service Data Solutions will use Six Sigma and LEAN techniques to improve business processes. These techniques will result in recommended changes and control plans.  We assist the customer with testing the proposed change for a period of time and if it meets the success criteria we will assist with the full implementation.

  • Work with customers to LEAN out and streamline operational processes
  • Develop robust KPI’s and scorecards designed to measure the effectiveness of the process
  • Develop requirements for technology solutions to improve productivity & growth
  • Build supporting business case and Return-On-Investment scenarios for new programs


In order to achieve results customers, need to monitor business performance, adjust to changing business conditions and find new ways to monetize. Service Data Solutions uses advanced analytic concepts leveraging customer data to develop new productivity and growth opportunities.  

  • Implement analytic solutions to combine disparate data streams and improve visualization. 
  • Leverage analytics to improve productivity and find new ways to monetize findings.
  • Develop specific customer predictive solutions rooted in analytics   
  • Development of new reports designed to monitor performance

Technology & Training

Service Data Solutions offers customized solutions to its clients that are designed to help self-maintainers achieve the highest level of operational efficiency.  

  • Research, develop and deliver training.  Classroom, individual, webinars, etc.
  • Develop “Building Specific” training plans designed to help the team setup and deliver the maintenance programs.
  • Install site specific predictive maintenance solutions to optimize maintenance activities and reduce costs.